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Favorite Moments | June

June 1- 3: We started this month with a renovation of sorts in our home. The inside of our house was pretty much perfect when we bought our house. We just needed to repaint and the laundry room needed to be redone. We knew that our biggest challenge for this home would be the landscaping, specifically the yard. Our yard has two levels with a retaining wall separating the two. It’s a cool yard especially now that we have done the biggest improvement to it. The bottom half was grass and mud with a small cemented area for patio furniture. When it would rain it would get so muddy back there and poor little Daisy would come back inside dirty. We decided we wanted to pave that bottom half for a nicer and cleaner look. The top level remained a grass area so Daisy and our future kids could have that for playing. I love how it turned out. It looks so much bigger now, we even added a little couch area for relaxing. I also love how clean it is now and I can walk outside barefoot! We aren’t done yet. We hung some string lights already but we have more to hang and we also want to add a hammock between two trees and eventually we’ll get our fire pit. Its already our favorite place to be this summer. Summer nights are so much sweeter now with our little backyard getaway. Here are some before and after pictures:




June 3: In my previous Favorite Moments post I spoke about a bachelor/bachelorette weekend we had. Well this month we celebrated their union with a bridal shower. We worked so hard to make this the perfect day for our special bride. I think it came out so pretty. We did the centerpieces and the painted all the picture frames gold. My favorite was the donut tower. It was so nice seeing my friend enjoying this part of her journey. Can’t wait for their big day!


June 10: Daisy gets a haircut every 2-3 months but this month I took her to a new place. When I picked her up she had this huge bow on and I loved it! Look how cute she looks with that thing!!

June 11: This was my favorite outfit of the month. June 10th is Portugal day so looked through my wardrobe for anything Portuguese I owned. The actual clothes I am wearing is from Marshalls (shirt) and the Loft (Jeans) but my purse and shoes are from Portuguese brands. My shoes are from a brand called Sapatos Namorar Portugal which uses a typical Portuguese pattern that actually has letters from lovers sown onto them. My purse is made from cork and is from a store called CS Cork. I had on my Alex and Ani bracelets that also have a Portuguese theme to them including the Lisbon bracelet. Can you tell I am proud of my heritage?

And here’s my adorable hubby …


June 12: This is a small victory from my month that made me so happy. This is my fig tree. I was given this plant at the beginning of winter and I planted it and put it in the garage since fig trees are very sensitive. Once the weather got better I brought it out and EVERYONE told me it was dead. I was in denial and believed that there was still hope for my little tree. Well guess what! Look at it now!!! So proud of this little guy…

June 13: Well there are good days and there are bad days, right? This was a not so fun day. I had to remove a wisdom tooth this month that was giving me a lot of pain. Removing the tooth isn’t so bad when it was hurting so much prior to removing it. I tried putting this under my pillow but I guess the tooth fairy doesn’t come anymore…

Also, don’t mind my nails. I bought my nieces an emoji polish and couldn’t resist trying it on.

June 17: This day was a three for one. We went up to PA where my sister lives and celebrated my nieces 8th birthday, Fathers Day and my nieces first dance recital. It was a lovely day spent with family. I got to do my nieces makeup for their show, they were super excited for that! I loved seeing them dancing on stage…. warms my heart.

June 20: This was a weekday event in NYC for my job. It was at The Harvard Club, a super fancy place with elephant heads hanging on the wall …  This was a gala for the Portugal and US Chamber. Manuel Caldeira Cabral the Portuguese Economy Minister was the guest speaker. My husband really enjoyed this because they talked about the economy of Portugal and initiatives the country is taking. It was a really nice time out in the city.

June 24 – 25: This is the day we work for all year at the dance studio – DANCE RECITAL!! it is a very eventful weekend of little ones with tutus, buns, and sparkles everywhere. I love the excitement and the rush back stage. The kids get so excited to get on that stage. some kids get really nervous and pee on you, true story! But overall its a great weekend. I love seeing the kids on stage shining and showing off their talents. By the end of the day I was exhausted though, super sore for the next two days too! But it was all worth it.

June has come and gone. July has already started beautifully. I hope you enjoyed your month!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Sara

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