What’s in my makeup bag? 

Sorry for being a bit MIA lately! I’m just trying to enjoy this summer weather!           I love seeing what people are carrying around with them in their purse and in their makeup bags. Nosey much? If that’s the case, I accept it. I thought maybe there were others as nosy as me that want to know what I carry in my makeup bag. Sit back and enjoy ladies…

This is my current make up back. I am subscribed to Ipsy so every month I get a new little makeup bag which means I change my makeup bag very frequently. This was this month’s bag and you’ll notice that a lot of the makeup I carry is from my subscription as well.

Lipsticks|| I carry a few different types of lip products in my bag. They are mostly neutral colors but they each look different on my lips, or so I think they do! 

This is my favorite Chapstick. It sounds so boring… but I actually really like applying chapstick especially this flavor. I love the minty-ness in this one plus it makes me feel like Christmas isn’t too far away. Chopstick is a great base before applying a lipstick. It gives my lips a subtle gloss and keeps my lips feeling soft. No one likes cracking lips! 

Buxom Full on Lipstick in Sydney is my perfect “your lips but better” this lipstick is usually my go too when I just need a bit of color on my lips but don’t want to over do it. It’s a pinky taupe color and glides smoothly on the lips.  I also love that it has a minty sensation.

Too Faced La Crème lipstick in Naked Dolly is my super nude. Can we take a moment to talk about how adorable this lipstick is?! This is a little travel size, I actually also have the full size of this cause I love it. This is usually not a color I wear on its own. I will wear it over something that’s a bit darker or just blot it in the center of my lip. These are so moisturizing and comfortable to wear.

Too Faced Sweet Peach lip gloss in Papa Don’t Peach is the perfect lip gloss consistency and has great pigmentation. These lip glosses are silky because they’re infused with peach oil and coconut oil. Also, it smells so good it’s hard not to lick your lips with this on!

Face products|| I don’t carry any foundation in my bag because I just cant be bothered to reapply foundation throughout the day. But I do carry blush usually because I always feel like that definitely wakes up my face.

Blotting/beauty papers are magic.  These are from Tatcha a Japanese beauty brand that you can find at Sephora. I have combination skin and my T zone tends to get oily throughout the day so having these blotting papers in my bag really comes clutch. I also get this satisfying feeling when I look at the paper and see all the oil… I know sounds gross but oh so satisfying! 

I just received this on my Ipsy bag and love it! It’s the NYX Whipped lip and Cheek color in Plush. I love the look of a cream blush because it looks so natural on the skin. I also love that I can match my blush and lips and create a natural fresh makeup look with this product. I could remove all the other lip products I carry and just carry this on and be set.
I also carry miscellaneous things like a tweezer for those unruly eyebrows, hair ties for my bad hair days and a mirror for those quick touch ups. This mirror is special because it was a gift from a friend and is engraved with my name.

2 thoughts on “What’s in my makeup bag? ”

    1. Honestly, I got these on the Sephora aisle of doom so it’s a sample pack. It’s lasted me months cause I only need to use one at a time. So I do think they’re good but I won’t go and pay full price for them just because I feel like I’m paying for paper, lol. If you could get them in a sample size and try them out before you splurge that would be ideal!


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