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Spring & Summer Scents 

Ever walk into a house and think “how were they able to make their house smell like beautiful roses?” Well that’s what I hope people think when they walk into my home. I love a house that smells pretty and cozy. The smell in a home is more important than many people realize. Keeping your home clean plays a part, but what also makes a huge difference, is the candles that are burning. Am I right? My husband and I always have a candle burning, even when we aren’t going to have visitors. My favorite candles, without a doubt, are the Bath and Body Works candles. Oh my … they have a strong scent that really does fill up your home instantly. What’s even better is that once in a while, B&BW has sales where it makes buying these candles much more affordable. I always try to wait for big holidays to buy a couple at a time. This past weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, they were having an awesome sale, so I ordered four candles. I had never actually smelled these candles in person, so I chose my candles by reading the description of the scents. They smell divine! Also, they recently changed the packaging of their candles and they look much more elegant now and can be used to decorate your space, even if you don’t actually burn it.

I also decided to write this post because many people associate lighting a candle with the colder months in the year in order to cozy it up (which I love too!); however, I wanted to share with you some candles that are great for the warmer months! A pleasantly smelling home is refreshing,  regardless of the season outdoors. B&BW has great scents for the warmer months that can “bring the garden outside, inside” OR make you feel like you’re standing by the ocean with a margaritas in your hands.



Rose Water and Ivy

Notes: Soft Rose Petals, Rain-Kissed Ivy, Spring Musk

I love the scent of Roseanything, so when I saw this scent, I knew I wanted to experience it.  OH MY GOSH. This scent is amazzingggg…. They need to make a perfume that smells like this, because I would wear it every day! It’s beautiful. The rose scent is definitely the overpowering scent, but then you get a musky smell, which make it sexy. I already lit this one because I couldn’t wait. My husband got home and the first thing he said was “wow, what’s that smell?” …  You need this one in your life, for sure.


White Gardenia

Notes: Classic white Gardenia, sweet apple water, white woods

You’re going to notice a flower theme because those are my favorite scents for the spring and summer months. Gardenias are another flower scent that I will usually purchase in anything because of how soft it is. This candle is true to the smell of Gardenia for sure. Smelling this candle takes me right to a magical garden of dreams where I am surrounded by beautiful flowers. Its sweet, soft, and beautiful.


Fresh Cut Lilacs

Notes: Lilac Bouquets, dewy greens, soft spring air

This Is the last floral scent – I promise. How could I resists a lilac scented candle for this time of year? I must admit though … I also chose this one because I love the packaging, I love a beautiful marble finish. Good job B&BW for beautiful packaging! The description of this candle is exactly what you smell. It’s beautiful and perfect to place in your kitchen to give it that “clean” smell (even if it’s not!).


Fresh Mint & Coconuts

Notes: Creamy coconut, bright mint leaves, deep sea water

This is the kind of candle that makes you want to put on your bathing suit and layout your towel in the middle of your living room. How funny would that be if I actually did that? … I will probably start burning this one once the weather actually feels like summer so that everything works together. The coconut smell is the most prominent but its soft and delightful.


Hope you enjoyed this post and would love to hear what your favorite candle scents are!


Love, Sara

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