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Favorites | April

Another month has gone by and 2017 is just cruising along. April is always a sweet month with all the blooming that takes place. The weather this month was all over the place though, one day it was super warm and then the next day felt like winter again, get it together weather!

For this months favorites I wanted to share special moments from the month. So here we go!

April 1: Right at the beginning of the month I attended the Hillsong Church Color Conference in Brooklyn, NY. It’s a christian women’s conference meant to encourage and empower women. I was joined by two of my lovely friends. Its always great to see a bunch of women in one room praising God and loving on each other as well. “Empowered women, empower women” and that was definitely the feeling I left with.


April 8: I love chilled out days at home with my husband and our two little buddies, Daisy and Luka. If you don’t already know who they are, they’re our pets or kids as we like to call them. I love them. As I type this up, Luka is sleeping on my lap and Daisy is laying on the floor beside me. Oh my heart… They love it when we open the front door and let them hang out in the little mud room. they’ll spend the whole day there napping and watching our neighbors. Luka also loves being there to watch the ants he discovered this month. Any time I get to be lazy at home with my favorite human and my favorite animals is always a good time.


April 9: The weather this weekend was teasing us for sure and we were lucky to be able to head into the city for brunch on this morning with family to celebrate one of our nieces birthdays. NYC was bustling, as always. Everyone just always seems happier when the suns out and there’s a bit of warmth in the air. Hubby and I snapped a little “usie” to capture the moment. He’s cute.

Processed with VSCO with q8 preset

April 12: Another tease, it was such a nice summer like night. Hubby watered the grass which he’s very proud of. He’s made it his mission to not let any weeds grow this summer on that lawn and he is definitely showing them who’s boss. We took Daisy for a little walk that night and then decided to take a little family portrait as Luka sat inside watching us and wishing he could come outside too.


April 13: This day is the most special day for us in April because its our dating anniversary. This year was our 4 year dating anniversary. Hubby sent me flowers at work which I was in love with. I just love flowers, as you may already know.  Bringing them home was an adventure though. I placed them on the floor of my car on the passengers side. Everything was going smoothly until I almost missed a turn and forgot the flowers were there and went for it … Lets just say there were waves of water on that side of the car as I drove on. But the flowers made it home okay and made my living room smell amazing. That night hubby made reservation for dinner at a restaurant in town and OH EM GEE the food was so good and the place was popping on a Thursday night with a live DJ. It was nice celebrating our 4th year together this year as a married couple.


April 16: Easter Sunday! I wrote a whole blog post about this day and how awesome it was Good Food & Good Company || Easter. It was exhausting but lovely all at once.


April 29: The last weekend in April. The weather was AH-MAZE-ING so hubby and I decided we should take on the landscape in our front yard. The previous owners had a nice landscaping in the front it just didn’t have any color. Everything was green and one of the little bushes they had was half dead. SO that morning we made our way to Home Depot, a familiar place now, and purchased flowers and mulch for our garden. We were literally outside all day but we got it done and can now say we are proud of our hard work. Now we just have to clean up the backyard. That we’ll definitely need prayers for. I love that my husband and I both like to make our home look pretty. We both take pride in this little home of ours and want to make it as cozy and welcoming as possible for ourselves and for our friends and family. I love that we can say that we both worked on the garden together and now every time we come home we see our labor of love. This is our home, it’s where we make the most memorable memories and where we will raise our children so we want the foundation of it all to be a labor of our love.


April was a great month with so many special moments. It’s so nice to look back and remember each day and think about why it actually meant a lot. Every day holds something special in it, even the bad days teach us something.

I hope you enjoyed your month of April and were able to spend it with important people as well.

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