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Healthy & Beautiful Nails


As much as I love nail polish I love my nails more. I want my nails not only too look good with the nail polish but to also be healthy. Today I thought I’d share some tips I have incorporated in my nail care routine for keeping my nails healthy.

  1. Do not bite your fingernails!
  2. Contrary to what many believe, do not remove your cuticles. Push them back only. Your cuticles are there for protection from bacteria and infections.
  3. Try not to use your nails as a tool – like when you can’t open the cat/dog food can (ugh…)
  4. Trim your nails and round the edges. The round edges will be less likely to break.
  5. Use a cuticle oil and moisturize your nails – especially in the winter months.
  6. ALWAYS use a base coat. Some nail polishes stain so having a base coat protects them from the staining.
  7. When your nail polish begins to chip away REMOVE IT. I have found that when my nail polish chips its more likely my nails will start to break too.
  8. Give your nails a break once in a while. I know… it’s hard to not have that pretty pink polish on but always having nail polish on can weaken your nails and dry them out.
  9. What you eat and drink also affects your nails. So drink lots of water and eat healthy!
  10. Take a nutritional supplement that contains biotin. Biotin is believed to strengthen weak nails.

I hope you found these helpful! Do you have any special routines for keeping your nails healthy and beautiful?

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!

& God Bless you ♥

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