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Flowers Flowers

I LOVE flowers, like a lot. I am a flower child. I love flowers on my clothes, in my hair, in my garden and in my home.

Ok, now that I got that out of the way I can now begin this blog post.

The only problem with flowers is that they die, so having flowers constantly in my home becomes really expensive. But fellow flower lovers I have found a way: artificial flowers. Yes, I said it. It sounds like something our grandma would do but the artificial flower business has become so good at creating flowers that look real. Let me show you.

With spring  here I needed to redecorate my home and with that I had to change my center piece on my dining room table. I naturally wanted flowers since spring screams flowers to me, but really did I need an excuse? So I purchased flowers and foliage and made my center piece.

I had some friends over recently and they thought the flowers I had were real and asked me if they could touch them because they didn’t believe me.


I purchased the bottles and the metal bottom from Michael’s.

All the flowers except the Roses were purchased at Hobby Lobby. The beautiful Roses, that trick everyone, were an awesome  find at HomeGoods. They’re so pretty.

I have artificial flowers and plants all throughout my house. Soon it will look like a magical botanical garden. I’m not mad though. Flowers are that feminine touch in a home that I think changes everything. I am still mastering my natural flower and plant game … It hasn’t been a success yet but that won’t stop me from having greenery in my home.

Michaels, Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods really do have an awesome variety of artificial flowers and plants. Its pretty cool how real some of them look. If you feel like you need to touch them to make sure they are artificial then you know they’re a win.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!

& God Bless you ♥

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